IN2LOG will provide storage and distribution services to Chemica for their 100% MADE IN FRANCE products

CEO of Chemica, Jean-Jacques Doassans, cited location and the standard of quality of the IN2LOG facilities as key when choosing IN2LOG as their logistics partners. “Firstly, the location of the warehouse in the bonded zone was crucial and Shenzhen is a great hub of International Trade, but as well as that, we were very impressed with the professional set up of the facility when compared to those we had been using in Hong Kong. The warehouse is very large, clean and we could see that the products are very well stacked.” Mr Doassans described being impressed by the team at IN2LOG stating that “the management and team at IN2LOG are young and highly involved in the business. I believe they will be quicker to react and adapt to our changing needs”.
IN2LOG will deliver services including inventory storage and management, receiving orders from Chemica customers and preparing for shipment. IN2LOG will also import, and distribute chemica products all over Asia from its bounded warehouse at QianHai Wan in Shenzhen.
Remi Richez, Logistics Manager of IN2LOG tells us “Chemica business is expanding in Asia and we want to assist them in this expansion by anticipating their needs and provide solution to their new developments. Interfacing our systems will be the next step of our cooperation in order to smoother the ordering process and stock management.”
About IN2LOG:
IN2LOG was founded in 2012 in Shenzhen, China with the objective of bringing innovative solutions to customers to help them optimize their operations and costs. IN2LOG offers expertise in all global logistics and supply-chain management services and supports its customer to take logistics services from being a cost center to a source of differentiation and value creation.
About Chemica:
Chemica was founded in St. Etienne, France in 1983 and has factories in France and offices in France, the US and Hong Kong. At Chemica, they make and distribute a wide range of high quality, heat transfer products for the textile market across a range of industries from ornamental decorative orders to large-scale global requirements such as those for international sports companies.